Acid Lake
Acid Lake2.jpg
Location Third Earth
Features Ultrasolvic Acid
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Acid Lake is a lake located on Third Earth and it is filled entirely with powerful "Ultrasolvic Acid". The acid is capable of dissolving even the strongest of materials and Mumm-Ra once instructed the Driller to bore a hole from the lake to Cats Lair to dissolve the ThunderCats' home where it stood. The only thing that can neutralize Ultrasolvic Acid is the Sponge Fog and luckily the ThunderCats were able to locate and bring back the Sponge Fog in time to save their home.

Lion-O also encountered the lake during his first anointment trial. He had to cross the lake and was almost about to jump into it before he realized by a stroke of luck that it was filled with pure acid. He then lassoed a bird and used it to fly him across the lake.

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