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Origin Third Earth
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Voiced by Pat Musick
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Albo is a young anthromorphic frog and a thief who uses his long prehensile tongue to steal things in the City of Dogs.

This wide-eyed and even wider-smiled amphibian was recruited by Tookit to work for him. While never specifically mentioned, it is likely that just like the Wily twins, Tookit tricked Albo as well, forcing him to a life of crime.

Along with Tookit's other recruits Gusto and Jenyo, Albo steals valuable items for Tookit and in return, the Kleptovoyant raccoon provides them with a safe hideout in the Forever Bag as well as payment in toys and candy.

Eventually, Albo, Jenyo and Gusto join in WilyKit and WilyKat's plant to trick Tookit into confessing his crimes in front of the Dog Constable who promptly arrested him.

While his fate is not shown, it is likely that after being freed from Tookit's control, Albo went on to live a happy honest life and reunited with his mother and young brother.

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