Alien Telepathic Spaceship
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User Unknown
Features Telepathic ability, Laser beams
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The Alien Telepathic Spaceship is a small yellow colored, triangular, unmanned craft. The origins of this craft are unknown. It is a sentient craft which displays intelligence and feelings as well. The craft is controlled by a hemispherical main control unit located at its top. It is also equipped with defense mechanisms and capable of sending out small sections of itself which can shoot powerful laser beams.

The craft was damaged while traveling in space near and entered Third Earth. It somehow managed to form a telepathic link with Cheetara due to her sixth sense. Through this link, the ship was able to communicate with Cheetara and even speak through her, letting the ThunderCats know that it was damaged and in need of their help. Cheetara was even able to feel the ship's pain and discomfort upon its crash on Hook Mountain. The telepathic link between the ship and Cheetara was very strong and was draining Cheetara of all her strength.

The Mutants discovered this and broke off the ship's control unit, taking it with them to Castle Plun-Darr. But the ThunderCats succeeded in retrieving it and repairing the ship. The craft then became fully operational and thanked the ThunderCats for their help before leaving for its unknown destination.

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