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Amortus is an ally of Mumm-Ra and ancient enemy of the ThunderCats.He is a being whose greatest ambition was to become the dominant evil force in the universe. In centuries past, Mumm-Ra released him from The Land of No Return, however the ancient Thunderians managed to banish him there again, but not without significant sacrifice.

"The Touch of Amortus" involves marking his victim on the cheek with his tentacle. This allows him to telepathically communicate and place suggestions in the victim's mind. The mark can also turn the victim into stone. Amortus' right arm can turn from a three-clawed appendage to a tentacle by which he administers his Touch of Amortus. He is also impervious to all physical attacks.

After pleading with Mumm-Ra to be released, he lures the ThunderCats through a dimensional portal to the Land of No Return where Lion-O and the others discover the petrified remains of the heroic ancestors who banished Amortus. With the help of the Sword of Omens the ancestors were able to finish their fight and incapacitate Amortus. With his defeat, the ThunderCats found themselves back on New Thundera. After his failure, Amortus calls to Mumm-Ra again via his cauldron for help, but Mumm-Ra instead banishes him to the netherworld.

ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Appearances[edit | edit source]

127. Touch of Amortus

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