Astral Plane
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Location Unknown
Inhabitants None
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The Astral Plane is an alternate dimension that exists in a realm of its own. It is a place where all laws of nature and all concepts of space and time cease to exist. It is also where the Spirit Stone was kept. The only way to access the Astral Plane is through a portal in a hut found in the Elephant Village.

When Lion-O and Tygra enter the Astral Plane to retrieve the Spirit Stone, Mumm-Ra also secretly sneaks in with them. He then uses his magical powers and the powers of the Astral Plane to create living visions of the two ThunderCats' past.

Eventually, the Astral Plane gets destroyed when Lion-O removes the Spirit Stone. The collapsing dimension sucks Grune into it as well as Panthro's arms.

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