Astral World
Astral World.jpg
Location Third Earth
Inhabitants Nemex, Astral Moat Monster
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For the 2011 version of this location, see Astral Plane (2011).

The Astral World is an alternate dimension on Third Earth. It is said to be the place where spirits reside. The entire Astral World looks like it is made up of ice. Strange and dangerous creatures inhabit this dimension, one of them being the vicious Astral Moat Monster.

The other notable resident of the Astral World is the evil one-eyed being known as Nemex. This creature is the principal guard of the Astral Prison where he traps spirits and any beings that have been exiled to the Astral World. His prison is an impenetrable fortress which is surrounded by a moat in which dwells the Astral Moat Monster.

Nemex once imprisoned Jaga's spirit in the Astral Prison and intended on extracting all knowledge from the wise ThunderCat. By pretending to be the Netherwitch, Mumm-Ra tricked Lion-O and sent him to the Astral World as well, trapping him there forever. Once there, Lion-O managed to defeat Nemex, free Jaga as well as another prisoner by the name of Brodo. It turned out that Brodo too was a good sorcerer who was also tricked by Mumm-Ra and exiled to the Astral World. As a gesture of gratitude, Brodo uses his magic to teleport Lion-O back to Third Earth.

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022. The Astral Prison

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