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Location Third Earth
Inhabitants Birds
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Avista is a massive floating city that hovers high in the sky. It is located so high above the clouds that it cannot be seen with the naked eye from the ground. The city has very aesthetically designed buildings and vehicles. The technologically advanced city was built by and is inhabited by the Birdmen race of animals.

The ancestors of the present day Birdmen first arrived on Third Earth when Mumm-Ra's spaceship, in which they were held as prisoners, crashed onto the planet. All the animal species that were on board the ship decided to divide the Power Stones among themselves.

The Birds got the Tech Stone which they used to create and develop their technology to a level far beyond that of any other being on Third Earth. Avista is one of the product of that technology. The Tech Stone is placed in a special, heavily secured chamber in the city from where it powers the anti-gravity generator that keeps Avista afloat in the heavens.

The city also has a massive waste disposal system. Through this, the Birds are able to discard all unwanted mechanical and electronic junk. The system dumps all of the unwanted materials onto the ground, just outside the City of Dogs.

The ThunderCats first arrived in the city when they followed the Book of Omens' signal pointing to the Tech Stone. When Mumm-Ra forcefully took the Tech Stone, Avista started falling to the ground, and it was Panthro who managed to land the city without destroying it or killing its inhabitants.

ThunderCats 2011 Bullet Point.png Appearances[edit | edit source]

25. What Lies Above, Part 1
26. What Lies Above, Part 2

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