Bandai Tower of Omens
Bandai Tower of Omens Box
Company Bandai Toys
Year 2011
Features ThunderLynx System
Accessories Exclusive Transparent Tygra Figure, Mini ThunderCats Vehicle, Catapult, Missile, 2 Boulders
Size 20"
Toy Guide
Previous Bandai Armor of Omens with Gold Lion-O
Next Bandai Eye of Thundera Pack

Tower of Omens was the only playset in the Bandai 4 Inch Line produced by Bandai Toys as part of their toyline based on the ThunderCats (2011) cartoon series. The playset was based on the cartoon version of Tower of Omens (2011).

Just like other toys in the sub-line, the Tower of Omens was fitted with the "ThunderLynx" action feature which could be activated by attaching the included 4 Inch figure to the playset.

Also included with the playset was an instruction sheet which described, with illustrations, how to fit each of the figure onto the playset as well as how to use the playset's "ThunderLynx" system to interact with other toys in the line.

ThunderCats 2011 Bullet Point FeaturesEdit

1. ThunderLynx System: This playset, like many of the figures and vehicles in the Bandai 2011 ThunderCats line, had the unique "ThunderLynx" system. The playset was embedded with a special magnet that could be activated by interacting with the figures and other vehicles. The ThunderLynx feature could be activated by placing the figure inside the playset.

ThunderCats 2011 Bullet Point AccessoriesEdit

1. Transparent Tygra Figure: The playset came with an exclusive, semi-articulated, 4″ scaled figure of Tygra. This figure had an embedded magnet and thus could be used to activate the armor's "ThunderLynx" System.

2. Mini ThunderCats Vehicle: This small car could seat one 4 inch figure. It also had the "ThunderLynx" feature of spinning Cat head which could be activated by placing the figure into the vehicle. The front of the vehicle had a missile shooter which could fire the included Missile.

3. Missile: Made of brown and silver plastic, the Missile was designed to fit into the cannon located at the front of the Mini ThunderCats Vehicle and be fired from there.

4. Catapult: The catapult, with a cat head shaped firing mechanism, could shoot boulders which were placed in it.

5. Boulders: The two included plastic boulders could be fired from the catapult.

ThunderCats 2011 Bullet Point GalleryEdit

Bandai ThunderCats Tower of Omens - 01
Bandai ThunderCats Tower of Omens - 02
Bandai ThunderCats Tower of Omens - 03
Bandai ThunderCats Tower of Omens - 04
Bandai ThunderCats Tower of Omens - 05
Bandai ThunderCats Tower of Omens - 06
Bandai ThunderCats Tower of Omens - 07
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