Bandai WilyKat 4" Figure
Bandai WilyKat 4 Inches - 1
Company Bandai Toys
Year 2011
Features ThunderLynx System
Accessories Retractable Claws, Hoverboard
Size 4"
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WilyKat was one of the first figures in the first wave of 4 Inch toys produced by Bandai Toys as part of their toyline based on the ThunderCats (2011) cartoon series. The figure was based on the cartoon version of WilyKat (2011).

Just like other figures in the sub-line, the WilyKat figure stood 4 inches tall and was fitted with the "ThunderLynx" action feature as well as having many points of articulation. The figure also came together with weapons and accessories.

Also included with the figure was an instruction sheet which described, with illustrations, how to fit each of the accessory onto the figure as well as how to use the figure's "ThunderLynx" system to interact with other toys in the line.

ThunderCats 2011 Bullet Point FeaturesEdit

1. ThunderLynx System: This figure, like many of the figures in the Bandai 2011 ThunderCats line, had the unique "ThunderLynx" system. The figure was embedded with a special magnet that interacted with and activated unique action features in other vehicles and playsets such as the ThunderRacer, Lizard Cannon, ThunderTank and Tower of Omens.

2. Poseable limbs, head and torso: The figure had 14 points of articulation in various parts of its body. This allowed the figure to be posed in a variety of action poses.

ThunderCats 2011 Bullet Point AccessoriesEdit

1. Retractable Claws (Flank): Made of silver plastic, the Retractable Claws (or Flank as it was known in the cartoons) were similar in appearance to their cartoon counterpart and were designed to fit into the figure's hands.

2. Hoverboard: Made of blue plastic with parts painted silver and red, the Hoverboard was similar in appearance to its cartoon counterpart where it was his main mode of transportation. The Hoverboard had a peg on it which would allow the figure to stand on it.

ThunderCats 2011 Bullet Point GalleryEdit

Bandai ThunderCats WilyKat Action Figure - 01
Bandai ThunderCats WilyKat Action Figure - 02
Bandai ThunderCats WilyKat Action Figure - 03
Bandai ThunderCats WilyKat Action Figure Instructions - 01
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