Baron Tass
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Origin Thundera
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Voiced by Peter Newman
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Baron Tass is an unscrupulous Thunderian man. He specializes in making shady deals to employ Thunderians and then tricks them into remaining in his debts forever. Among the people that he has tricked into laboring for is Torr. Always accompanying the baron is his book-keeper and tax collector, Mr. Grubber.

Apart from being a devious businessman, the baron also has magical powers, thanks to his magical amulet. Not only can the amulet fire beams, it is also used by the baron to control his Baron Tass' Guardsmen, colossal stone statues.

On the baron's estate on old Thundera, there was a mysterious cave which housed the baron's Guardsmen as well as the Well of Doubt. When the baron and Mr. Grubber return to New Thundera, he is delighted to learn that the cave is still intact and in the same location it was before. The baron then takes some water from the well and gives it to Lion-O, causing the young lord to lose his self confidence and be filled with self doubt.

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