Baron Tass' Guardsmen
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Baron Tass' Guardsmen are two massive stone beings. They reside in the cave that also houses the Well of Doubt. The Guardsmen sleep until awoken by Baron Tass using his magical amulet. Being made of stone, the Guardsmen are impervious to almost any kind of attack. They have incredible strength and can also shoot lasers from their eyes.

Once, Baron Tass made Lion-O lose all his self-confidence by feeding him the magical water of the Well of Doubt. With the Lord of the ThunderCats helpless and unable to fight, the Baron seized the opportunity and unleashed his Guardsmen on the other ThunderCats. Even though Jagara and Panthro fought valiantly, they were no match for the near invincible Guardsmen.

Eventually it was Jagara who used the Eye of Thundera to restore Lion-O's self confidence and he then created a fake rainstorm which destroyed the Guardsmen.

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