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For the 1980s version of these characters, see Berbils.

Berbils or Ro-Bear Berbils are a group of sentient robots that live in the Berbil Village on Third Earth. These diminutive robotic teddy bears are very peaceful and docile by nature. Whenever they sense danger or threat, they roll up into tight balls and quickly roll away to safety. They are very good at making and repairing all sorts of electronic and mechanical items. It is not known how the Berbils came to be on Third Earth.

The ThunderCats first encounter the Berbils when the teddy bears come to their aid. Not only do they repair the ThunderTank and build make-shift tents, but they also lay out plenty of Candy Fruit for the hungry and stranded ThunderCats.

After befriending the Cats, the leader of the Berbils, Ro-Bear Bill, brings the ThunderCats to his village where he introduces them to the rest of the Berbils as well as his wife Ro-Bear Bella and his son Ro-Bear Bob. Before they can finish the tour, an evil slave master known as the Conquedor invades the village and takes some of the Berbils to sell as slaves. The THunderCats however save the Berbils from the clutches of the Conquedor and return them safely to their village.

The Berbils later on come to the Cats' aid many times. Not only do they help to repair the ThunderTank on a number of occasions and even upgrade its engine, they also build Hoverboards for the Wily twins and construct cybernetic arms for Panthro.

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