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Berserkers are a group of evil Viking-like pirates who sail the seas of Third Earth. Led by their ruthless leader Hammerhand, the Berserkers enjoy nothing more than to terrorize the gentle beings of Third Earth. They often sail the seas in their ship searching for their favourite food, Unicorns. They have a tendency to repeat words three times whenever they talk.

The Berserkers also work as mercenaries and have often been hired by Mumm-Ra to aid him in his plans to eliminate the ThunderCats. Mumm-Ra pays them in Gold and often times due to their greedy nature, they don't hesitate to double cross even Mumm-Ra himself. The Berserkers aren't very fond of the Mutants either.

At the end of the episode "The Terror of Hammerhand", the Berserkers were shown to have apparently drowned along with their ship. Their death was further cemented in the episode "Spitting Image" in which Mumm-Ra summons the spirit of the dead Hammerhand to inhabit and bring to life the Panthro clone that he has created.

Much later in the series, the Berserkers mysteriously appeared again, alive and well in ThunderCats Ho! - Part I". No explanation was given for their resurrection or their changed designs.


The Berserkers consist of the following:

Character Design[]

All the Berserkers went through a design change between their first appearance and their resurrection in "ThunderCats Ho! - Part I". In their debut episode, all the Berserkers had a more subdued color scheme and apart from Hammerhand, none of the other Berserkers were given a name. They also did not have any special abilities. When they reappeared in "ThunderCats Ho! - Part I", they had a more colorful design and each of the three crew members of Hammerhand were given distinctive personalities, abilities and names.

Berserkers Design 1 Thundercats.jpg Berserkers Design 2 Thundercats.jpg
Berserkers in
The Terror of Hammerhand
Berserkers in
ThunderCats Ho! - Part I


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