Berserkers Ship
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User Berserkers
Features Cannons, jet powered engines, lifeboats
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Berserkers' Ship is a massive Viking-like vessel that is the Berserkers' main mode of transport. The villainous pirates sail the oceans and seas of Third Earth in this ship and spread their terror.

Just like ancient Viking ships, the ship's slender and tapering hull is made of wood. It has a single massive sail that it uses to sail but is also fitted with powerful jet engines that can allow it to travel at very fast speeds. The ship also has a couple of jet powered lifeboats.

The ship is heavily armed and apart from side cannons, it has a powerful laser firing cannon fitted in the head at the very front of the ship.

The ship was sunk in the episode "The Terror of Hammerhand" by Panthro when he created a fake whirlpool by driving the ThunderTank in circles around it. It then reappeared in the five-parter "ThunderCats HO!", only to be sunk once again when Panthro leaves the Fistpounder drive off a cliff and straight onto the ship.

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