Bird Village
Bird Village 2011.jpg
Location Third Earth
Inhabitants Birds
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Bird Village is the home of some members of the Bird race. It is located in the treetops which grow on some of the highest mountaintops of Third Earth. It is so high that there is always a covering of cloud around and below it.

After being freed from Mumm-Ra's captivity, most of the Birds settled in Avista, a technologically advanced floating city which they were able to construct because of the Tech Stone which they had in their possession.

For unknown reasons, a small group of Birds chose to settle in the Bird Village instead of Avista. Because they didn't have the Tech Stone, their civilization is not as advanced as of those living on Avista. Also since they are living on the ground, they are vulnerable to attack from other terrestrial animals who can scale the mountaintops.

One such creature was Addicus who had committed crimes against the Bird Nation and for them he was sentenced to death by the Bird Judge. Just as the Bird Executioner carried out his sentence, Addicus was rescued by Slithe who was looking to recruit the simian in Mumm-Ra's army. Addicus then proceeded to devour the Birds who were present at his execution.

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