Black Pyramid
Black Pyramid 2011.jpg
Location Third Earth
Inhabitants Mumm-Ra
Ancient Spirits of Evil
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For the article about the 1980s version of this location, see Black Pyramid.

The Black Pyramid is Mumm-Ra's home on Third Earth. From the outside, it looks like one of the pyramids of Giza but surrounded by four obelisk like projections at its four corners. It is located in a barren desert-like area, a short distance away from the Sand Sea.

Many centuries ago, the pyramid actually used to be Mumm-Ra's spaceship. This massive octahedral ship was equipped with advanced technology and superior weapons. Mumm-Ra used to roam the galaxies in this ship, searching for the four Power Stones. The ship also had many large cells to hold all of the animals that Mumm-Ra had enslaved.

Then Mumm-Ra's commanders Leo and Panthera, together with all the animal slaves, staged an uprising against Mumm-Ra. The fierce battle between Leo and Mumm-Ra, which was eventually won by Leo, damaged the ship, sending it plummeting towards the planet of Third Earth. The defeated Mumm-Ra quickly retreated into his sarcophagus for protection. Panthera smashed the controls of the sarcophagus, sealing the vile villain in it.

The ship crashed in a desert-like area and all the surviving animals, after distributing the Power Stones among themselves, went their separate ways to form their own settlements in different parts of Third Earth. Only half of the ship was visible above the ground, making it look like a pyramid. Centuries later, Mumm-Ra tempted Grune with the promise of unlimited power and made the ThunderCat general free him from his sarcophagus.

The Black Pyramid now serves as Mumm-Ra's abode as well as his place of operations. Quite a bit of its technology is still functioning and it also houses the Storm Charger, Mumm-Ra's main mode of transportation. The pyramid also has a large cauldron in Mumm-Ra's chambers where he can use his magic, with help from the Ancient Spirits of Evil.

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