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Devilmanozzy Devilmanozzy 15 August 2020

Proposing Merger of ThunderCats Wiki and ThunderCats Ho Wiki

Hey all, I'm Devilmanozzy, the bureaucrat and administrator of the ThunderCats Wiki, where I have been working since August 2010 to create the best ThunderCats encyclopedia possible, just like you all have been doing at ThunderCats Ho Wiki. Since we are both striving to accomplish the same goal, I wanted to see if you are open to the idea of merging our both encyclopedias.

Both wiki's have long histories, with TC Wiki starting back in July 2006 and TCH Wiki in December 2009. Since we are covering the same topic, we are competing with each other for the best SEO ranking (the place we appear on whenever someone searches for a resource on ThunderCats), which leads to neither of us being the best we could be.

That's just a technical benefit to c…

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Stargate TL1 Stargate TL1 31 December 2014

Award Earned!

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