Blue Plunder
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Inhabitants Scrape
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Blue Plunder is a distant blue colored planet located in the same galaxy as Third Earth. It is a thousand light years away from Third Earth. Not much is known about the planet except that it is fueled by a common rock. This rock is found by the billions under the seas of Third Earth.

When the planet's own supply of these rocks became low, a salvage expert known as Scrape was sent to Third Earth to retrieve the rocks. Scrape traveled to Third Earth in his giant Electric Eel spaceship. A cold heartened being, Scrape decided to pull the Great Oceanic Plug to drain all the oceans of the planet and harvest the rock. He did not care if in the process it would extinguish the lives of all aquatic creatures and affect those creatures living on land as well.

It is not know what kind of people inhabit Blue Plunder but judging by the appearance of Scrape, it is likely that they too have blue skin like him.

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