Bolo Whip
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For the article about the 1980's version of this weapon, see Bolo Whip.

Bolo Whip is the main weapon used by Tygra. It consists of an ornate three-pronged handle which hides a long cord that ends in three glowing red spheres.

The Bolo Whip originally belonged to Tygra's father Javan. When Tygra met Javan for the first time, the older Tiger tried to give his son his whip, but Tygra was too angry at his father and refused to accept it. At that time, Tygra used to carry an ordinary whip as his weapon.

Later when Tygra learned the truth about his father and helped to set the spirits of the Tiger Clan free by forgiving his father, he took his father's Bolo Whip and has owned it since.

The whip is a very versatile weapon and can be used to hit, disarm or trip up a foe from a substantial distance. The most amazing thing about the whip however, is that it allows Tygra to turn himself invisible, enabling him to sneak up on his opponents.

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