Book of Norvog Noszh
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The Book of Norvog Noszh is an ancient book of spells. The gigantic book is the only history of Third Earth when there was no light, no joy and all was evil. It contains a number of evil incantations, including the secret to awakening the Child of Gorgon. Just opening the book releases a number of wispy phantoms from it. The book and all its terrible secrets were lost for an eon but it was eventually dug up by accident by [[Ma-Mutt] while he was digging for bones.

Once Mumm-Ra came into possession of the book, he devised a plan to destroy the ThunderCats. Reading from the Book of Norvog Noszh, Mumm-Ra used the Mask of Gorgon and the Sword of Omens to awaken the Child of Gorgon. Giving the Mask the power of "Sight Beyond Sight", Mumm-Ra was able to bring to life the giant stone creature. Fortunately, Lynx-O and Bengali were able to attack the giant's inner ear using the ThunderStrike. This caused it to lose its balance and fall to the ground, creating a massive tremor which destroyed the Mask of Gorgon and turned the giant back into the Hills of Elfshima.

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