Book of Omens
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The Book of Omens is the most valuable and powerful piece of the Treasure of Thundera. The book itself is made of metal. Golden metal sheets make the front and back covers while its pages are silver metal and contain coded text and images engraved on them.

The Book of Omens contains all the secrets of the ThunderCats powers as well as their history. It also catalogs all the items of the Treasure of Thundera, complete with pictures of each item. All the information in the book is ciphered however and not easy to comprehend.

Apart from the vast amount of knowledge secrets contained in the book, it is also a portal to a mysterious realm in which resides the Guardian of the Book of Omens. This realm can only be accessed via the Sword of Omens or by inserting the Key of Thundera into a secret keyhole on the cover of the book. Anyone who enters the book, must present the Key of Thundera to the Guardian or face the fiery breath of the two giant dragon heads that guard it.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

094. ThunderCubs - Part IV
101. Key to Thundera
105. Bracelet of Power
110. The Last Day
130. The Book of Omens

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