Book of Omens
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For the article about the 1980's version of this weapon, see Book of Omens.

The Book of Omens is an ancient and powerful tome that belongs to the ThunderCats. Created by the ancient ThunderCat Clerics, the book is neither magic nor technology, but rather a fusion of both. The book holds both the clues to the ThunderCats' past as well as the key to their future.

The book even has the ability to hold people's souls in it, where they exist in an alternate dimension. The rules of life, death and reality itself are different in the book. It is an all-seeing record of the past, allowing souls to relive the events of the past.

Because it was believed by some animal species that the Book of Omens could be more valuable than the Sword of Omens, they would stop at nothing to acquire it. The then Lord of the ThunderCats at the time knew that the book contained too much power and could not be allowed to fall into the wrong hands. So he ordered his Clerics to hide it.

The Clerics carried the book far beyond Thundera's walls, beyond anywhere the Cats had ever been before. To keep the book safe, the Clerics built a magical temple - the Tower of Omens. This tower would be inaccessible to anyone but themselves as not only was its location hidden, but it was protected with ancient enchantments. The Clerics then sealed themselves inside the temple forever, taking the secret of its location with them.

Many years later, Lion-O and the surviving ThunderCats managed to locate the Book of Omens and used to to show them the location of the Power Stones which had been scattered across Third Earth and which Lion-O needed in order to defeat the evil Mumm-Ra.

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