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The Bookmobile a.k.a. Intergalactic Bookmobile is a spaceship that serves as a moving library. The ship itself is shaped like a giant book. The ship contains a wealth of information about a lot of things. All the data is stored on compact discs and can be quickly and easily accessed via the ship's computer terminal. Even though the ship does not carry any weapons, it is highly maneuverable, able to make sharp turns quickly and at high speed.

Vultureman once escaped from Way Outback and hijacked the Bookmobile while it was servicing the prisoners on Captain Bragg's Circus Train. Inside the ship, the Mutant accidentally came across a compact disc which contained information about the ancient history of Third Earth. The disc told of the "Saga of Mumm-Ra and Zaxx". From this disc, Vultureman learned of the Rosencrantz Medallion, a powerful trinket which at that time laid in Mumm-Ra's hands. He then piloted the Bookmobile to the New Black Pyramid on New Thundera, avoiding Panthro in the Whisker along the way.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

128. The Zaxx Factor

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