Booster Juice
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The Multi-Octane, High Potential, Maximum Velocity Fuel Formula or Booster Juice for short, is a new and potent fuel that Alluro invented. The purpose for manufacturing this fuel was to provide the Lunataks' flying fortress Sky-Tomb with sufficient power for interstellar travel. The Lunataks' purpose for achieving space travel was to fly to New Thundera and stop the ThunderCats from gathering more items from the Treasure of Thundera.

However, when the Lunataks try out this fuel it ends up being just too strong, almost causing Sky-Tomb to crash. In order to prevent that, Alluro dumps all of the fuel onto a field and the liquid immediately causes all the plants and animals in the field to grow to massive size. Seeing its potential but not wanting to risk their own necks, the Lunataks give the Booster Juice to the Mutants to use against the ThunderCats.

The Mutants wreak havoc with the Booster Juice but eventually Lynx-O succeeds in coming up with an antidote that reverses the effects of the liquid.

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