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Braille Board
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The Braille Board is an electronic device that was made by the ThunderCats for Lynx-O. Because he is visually impaired, Lynx-O cannot operate much of the electronics of the ThunderCats' lairs or their vehicles. Thus the Board was invented to allow Lynx-O to be able to control a variety of the ThunderCats equipment.

Housing a multitude of buttons and knobs, the Braille Board gives Lynx-O not only control over the ThunderStrike and the Tower of Omens, but it also provides with information about the environment, the activities of the Lunataks and other villains, and any anomalies that may be occuring.

The Braille Board can be used portably on its own or it can be attached to the ThunderStrike and the Control center in the Tower of Omens.