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The Brutemen are one of the indigenous creatures who live on Third Earth. Described by WilyKit as appearing to have been made of left over-parts, this race of gnu-like humanoids are endowed with considerable strength and endurance. By nature however, they are extremely docile. They are also handicapped by a lack of ability to speak properly and very low intelligence, a weakness that has been exploited by the villains on Third Earth.

The Mutants were the first to use the Brutemen's peaceful nature to accomplish their own evil deeds. The Mutants enslaved the Brutemen and forced them to construct their fortress, Castle Plun-Darr. When the ThunderCats first tried to rescue the Brutemen, Slithe used Warp Gas to reverse the nature of the Brutemen and turn them violent. The attacking Brutemen were able to overpower Lion-O and Panthro.

Fortunately, the effects of the Warp Gas were temporary and the ThunderCats were able to turn the table on the Mutants by giving them a taste of their own medicine. With the Mutants taken care of, the ThunderCats freed the Brutemen who happily went back to their lives.

Later on, the Lunataks enslaved the Brutemen and made them extract Thundrillium from the Thundrillium Mine as well as forcing them to build Sky-Tomb, the Lunataks' flying fortress. Again it was the ThunderCats who came tot he rescue of the Brutemen. Panthro, Pumyra and Bengali freed the Brutemen from the mines while the rest were freed from the clutches of the Lunataks by all of the ThunderCats together.

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