Canyons of Youth
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Canyons of Youth is one of the many strange and magical places on New Thundera. It is a big valley with colorful trees and vegetation. It also has rainbows and lakes as well. It is located right next to the Caverns of Cold. Despite its appealing and inviting appearance, it is actually a very dangerous place as it has the ability to reverse a person's age.

Any being that approaches the Canyons, feels a sense of euphoria and is irresistibly drawn towards it. Once the helpless victim lays one foot in the Canyons, he or she is reverted back to his childhood, with no memory of his or her adult life.

While exploring New Thundera for the first time, the adult ThunderCats accidentally arrived at the Canyons of Youth and were changed to their younger selves. Fortunately, Lion-O did not meet the same fate as the Sword of Omens protected him by forming a barrier around his body.

On another occasion, Mumm-Ra, wanting to use Cheetara's sixth sense to locate the Treasure of Thundera, transformed himself into the "Fog of Despair" and then carried and dropped the three adult ThunderCats, Cheetara, Tygra, and Panthro into the Canyons of Youth, again reverting them to their childhood. He then took on the disguise of Lion-O and tricked them into following his orders.

Mumm-Ra again used the powers of the Canyons of Youth for his evil scheme when he sent the evil wizard Malcar there to change him from a frail old man to a powerful young alchemist. Malcar then used his rejuvenated powers to turn the ThunderCats' Thundrillium into Thundrainium.

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