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Captain Cracker
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Origin Unknown
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Weapons Cutlass Sword
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Voiced by Earl Hammond
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Captain Cracker is a robotic pirate who scours the galaxies in search for victims to rob and plunder. He travels in his spaceship known as the Jolly Rogers which resembles a large sailing ship complete with the skull and crossbones flag. Cracker has a peg leg and an eye patch and like all pirates he has a parrot companion, Polly. He speaks in a typical pirate fashion using various sea-faring phrases.

Cracker is one of the most wanted criminals and the intergalactic police force are always on the look out for him. Mandora did capture him once and imprison him on the Grey Prison Planet but he managed to escape.

Later on he joined forces with the Lunataks, whom he met on Exile Isle, to take his revenge on the ThunderCats. But Lion-O was able to put a stop to him and his cronies.

ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Strengths[]

Captain Cracker is a fierce fighter and equally ruthless and evil. He will not think twice before attacking his victims. He is also capable of concocting intricate schemes and doesn't always act on instinct.

ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Weaknesses[]

Like most villains, Cracker is a coward and once he is robbed of his weapons, he chooses to beat a hasty retreat. Also the fact that he is not physically very strong and has a peg leg, puts him at a disadvantage in physical combat.

ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Weapons & Equipment[]

A pirate to the core, Cracker usually wields a Cutlass Sword. But he also has other tricks up his sleeve, like his Mechanical Palm Tree with razor-sharp, sawing fronds.

Cracker is also the owner of the massive Jolly Rogers spaceship.

ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Appearances[]

ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Merchandise[]

The toy company LJN produced a Captain Cracker action figure as part of its ThunderCats toyline. The figure was released in the third wave of toys that were produced in 1986. The figure's "Battle-Matic Action" feature was activated by a lever its back which made his right arm swing up and down.

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LJN Captain Cracker Cracker

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