Captain Cracker's Robotic Crew
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Origin Unknown
Weapons & Accessories
Weapons Laser Cannons
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Voiced by None
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Captain Cracker's Crew are a group of robots who do Captain Cracker's bidding. They are shaped like a series of inter-connected blocks with cubical heads, bodies, arms and legs. They are rather slow and lack intelligence as well as the ability to communicate. However, what they lack in brain, they more than make up for in brawn. The robots are armed with powerful Laser Cannons at the end of each arm.

The robotic crew accompany Captain Cracker in his spaceship the Jolly Rogers as he travels the galaxy looking for other ships to plunder. They normally remain inactive until called upon by their captain. They once helped Cracker to overpower Mandora as well as take control of the Grey Prison Planet and release all of its inmates. Later however, they were all captured by the ThunderCats along with their captain.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

031. Mandora and the Pirates

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