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Cats are one of the many animal species that inhabit Third Earth. They consist of many sub-species such as the tigers, cheetahs, lynxes, panthers, pumas, jaguars, and lions.

The true origins of these humanoid felines remain a mystery. Centuries ago, the Cats served Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living, an evil undead sorcerer who desired universal control. The Cats occupied high positions, often serving as right-hand men to Mumm-Ra, helping him in his quest to search for the Power Stones.

Among the earliest known Cats were Leo and Panthera who served as commanders on Mumm-Ra's ship, the Black Pyramid, scouring the galaxy for the War Stone. The other Cats that served Mumm-Ra during that time were the Tigers, led by Tygus.

Eventually, armed with the War Stone that Tygus and his team had recovered, Leo and Panthera led an uprising against Mumm-Ra with the help of the other animal species the the warlord had enslaved. During the battle, Leo stripped Mumm-Ra of his Power Stones causing the mummy to retreat into his sarcophagus. An unexpected gravitational anomaly caused the ship to malfunction and it crashed on the planet of Third Earth.

The survivors of the crash, distributed the Power Stones among themselves, with the Cats retaining the War Stone, which became known as the "Eye of Thundera", embedded in the hilt of the Sword of Omens. Over time, the Cats built the mighty empire of Thundera, led by the royalty, the Lions. All the Cats lived happily and prospered in the Thundera except for the Tiger Clan who were banished due to their continued loyalty to Mumm-Ra.

Many centuries later, when Leo's descendant Claudus was king, Mumm-Ra, with the aid of Grune, and his Lizard Army, ravaged Thundera, killing many Cats, including King Claudus. Many of the survivors were taken as prisoners by the Lizards to be later sold as slaves. Claudus' son Lion-O and the surviving ThunderCats, set out on a quest to locate the Book of Omens and the remaining Power Stones in order to use them to defeat Mumm-Ra.

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