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Cavemen are one of the many indigenous species that inhabit Third Earth. They are primitive humans and, as their name suggests, live in caves. The Cavemen look and dress like prehistoric humans did during the Stone Age. They have great strength and appear to have some amount of intelligence, despite not having the ability to speak.

While searching for the Time Capsule, Lion-O encountered a Cavemen who had found the capsule and had kept it for himself in his cave. When Lion-O asked by gestures that he wanted the Time Capsule, the Caveman furiously refused. Instead, the primitive challenged Lion-O to an arm wrestling match, the winner of which will be the rightful owner of the Time Capsule.

Lion-O agreed and after a tough match, was able to beat the bigger Caveman. To his credit, the Caveman honored his word and accepted his defeat as well as indicating that the capsule then belonged to Lion-O.

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ThunderCats Bullet Point.png Original Concept Designs[edit | edit source]

The look of the Caveman was changed considerably form its original concept sketch. The final design of the character made him taller and more muscular.

Original Concept Art - Cavemen - 001.png
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