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Char is a four-armed blacksmith as well as a scrap metal collector. He has a human like appearance but has four arms instead of a human's two. He always wears a welding helmet on his head.

He travels the galaxy in his spaceship the Flying Furnace, salvaging for any type of scrap metal that he can find. His spaceship also doubles as his workshop where he processes and works all the metal that he collects.

Char first crossed paths with the ThunderCats when he took the broken Sword of Omens from Snarf as the latter was trying to take to Bengali to get it repaired. Char instead took the sword and refused to give it back, claiming it as his own. He reforged the broken blade and then Lion-O summoned the sword to his hands. After that Char mended his ways and became friends with the ThunderCats.

Later, Char became overpowered with greed as a result of the effects of the Golden Sphere of Seti which he snatched from the ThunderKittens. However, Mumm-Ra took the sphere from Char, crashing his spaceship in the process. Mumm-Ra then used the sphere to break the Sword of Omens in two. The ThunderCats helped to repair the Flying Furnace while Char reforged the Sword of Omens.

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