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Chib-Chibs are strange but gentle creatures that inhabit the forests of Third Earth.

These hybrid animals appear to be an amalgam of a number of other animals. They have the head of a parakeet, the ears of a rabbit and the body of a deer. They also have a long tail and zebra-like stripes on their backs. The males are larger than the females and have two set of horns on their head as well as tufts of fur on their feet and around their neck.

When the ThunderCats were in the forest waiting for Lion-O and Tygra to return, Panthro and Cheetara decide to teach WilyKit and WilyKat to hunt for their food.

Panthro pairs up with WilyKat while Cheetara teams up with WilyKit and they head into the forest. Panthro sets a trap and a male Chib-Chib approaches it but WilyKat, not having the heart to kill the beautiful animal, makes loud noises and shoos the Chib-Chib away. WilyKit does the same thing when Cheetara tries to hunt a female Chib-Chib.

Annoyed at the Wily twins' actions, Panthro and Cheetara order them to search for food themselves. As the twins start searching the forest, they came across a family of Chib-Chibs and rescued them from being eaten by a Comolbur. In return the Chib-Chibs lead the twins to a tree of giant berries which they happily pick and take back to Panthro and Cheetara.

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