City of Dogs
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Location Third Earth
Inhabitants Dogs
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City of Dogs is a large town that is the home of most of the Dog race. Located in the middle of a desert-like barren wasteland, the city supports a large population of all kinds of Dogs.

Not as architecturally impressive as Thundera, the City of Dogs is full of stone and mud houses which have been fortified by scrap metal. Resembling a Middle-Eastern town, the city is bustling with activity as it is full of traders and bazaars.

Law enforcement in the City of Dogs is taken very seriously. The Dog Constables patrol the city streets, catching any thieves or law-breakers and imprisoning them in the dungeon cells. Tookit and his three pick-pockets are the ones who give the Dog Constables the hardest time, committing various petty thefts and evading arrest. It is eventually WilyKit and WilyKat who, with the help of Albo, Gusto and Jenyo, get Tookit to get arrested.

Arguably the biggest attraction in the City of Dogs is the gladiatorial arena known as "The Pit". Just like the Roman Colosseum but smaller in size, the Pit is the venue for fights, some of which, to the death. Slaves, prisoners and warriors are pitted against each other in a no-holds barred fight until one is left standing.

The Pit is owned and operated by Dobo a former thief and himself a Pit fighter. Dobo earned his freedom after winning 100 fights and went on to own the arena. It is in the Pit that the ThunderCats first meet Pumyra.

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19. The Pit
22. The Forever Bag
23. Recipe for Disaster
24. The Soul Sever

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