Claw Shield
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Claw Shield is Lion-O's gauntlet. Shaped like a lion's claw, the gauntlet was given to Lion-O by Jaga along with the Sword of Omens. The Claw Shield is made of extremely strong and durable substance and Lion-O wears it on his left arm. This enables it to be used as a shield to deflect enemy fire. It can also withstand direct blows by even the sharpest of weapons. The surface of the Claw Shield is highly polished and lustrous and Lion-O has used it as a mirror to show Mumm-Ra his reflection and scare him off.

The Claw Shield also fires cables known as "Claw Lines" from all three of its knuckles and all three of its claws. The knuckle Claw Lines have a suction end which sticks to surface while the finger Claw Lines act like grappling hooks and snag onto surfaces. This enables Lion-O to scale steep walls or cross wide gaps. Even the sharp claws of the shield can be used to climb walls.

When not in use, Lion-O carries the Claw Shield on his waist and it also acts as a sheath to carry the Sword of Omens when it is in its short form.

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