Cliffs of Wind
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Location Third Earth
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Cliffs of Wind is a purported place that is supposed to exist on Third Earth. The Petalars who had been trapped in the Briar Woods for many generations believed that the Cliffs of Wind were their way to return back to their homeland known as the Garden. The Petalars even have a map which would supposedly lead them straight to the Cliffs of Wind.

When the ThunderCats took refuge in the Briar Woods, they promised to help the Petalars reach the Cliffs of Wind. After following the map for a while, the Cats realized that it was fake. When they reached the place that was supposed to be the location of the Cliffs of Wind, they only found more thorn bushes.

However at that moment, Slithe and his Lizard army, unable to reach the ThunderCats, set fire to Briar Woods. The fire created an updraft which carried the Petalars out of the woods and hopefully back to the Garden. So the Cliffs of Wind did indeed turn out to be the place from where the Petalars exited the Briar Woods, even though they never really existed.

ThunderCats 2011 Bullet Point.png Appearances[edit | edit source]

04. Song of the Petalars

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