Cloud Peak Mine
Cloud Peak Mine 2011.jpg
Location Third Earth
Features Thundrillium Deposits
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Cloud Peak Mine was a mine that was located at the foot of a tall mountain on Third Earth. The mountain itself was so high that its top extended beyond the clouds, hence its name. It was also a very rich source of the mineral Thundrillium.

Since all the machines and vehicles in Mumm-Ra's army use Thundrillium as the main and only fuel source, Grune used to run a massive mining operation in the mine. With the assistance of the Driller and the Lizards, Grune was able to extract and process large quantities of Thundrillium.

Once when the ThunderTank was low on fuel, Panthro along with the rest of the ThunderCats decided to raid the mine for some Thundrillium. They were however spotted by Grune and a fight broke out between the ThunderCats and Grune and his forces. The Driller's haphazard drilling had weakened the mine and as a result it collapsed. The ThunderCats succeeded in escaping with enough Thundrillium to power the tank.

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05. Old Friends

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