Crystal Canyon
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Location Third Earth
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The Crystal Canyon is a beautiful yet dangerous location found on Third Earth. The canyon is full of large and smooth crystal cliffs and rocky outcrops. The small spaces between the crystal cliffs make navigation very difficult, especially in a large vehicle. The highly reflective mirror-like surfaces only add to the navigational difficulty.

The crystal walls of the canyon have random arrow like designs engraved on them. However, as one travels deeper into the canyon, the patterns become more regular, almost forming a trail. Following that trail leads to a stalactite-filled cave which houses the legendary Keystone, a large green gem that is a source of pure energy.

Once the Lunataks Alluro and Chilla lured the ThunderCats in the Crystal Canyon and attacked them. They caused the ThunderStrike to crash and in the process severely injure Lion-O, Tygra and Lynx-O. Upon Lynx-O's suggestion Tygra and Snarf retrieved the Keystone and used it to heal all of them. Unfortunately, Tygra ended up becoming dangerously addicted to the Keystone's unlimited energy and almost ended up destroying himself.

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