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DarkSide is a dark, desolate and dangerous area of Third Earth. The natives of Third Earth consider it to be one of the forbidden territories. DarkSide is full of craggy mountains and rocks. It also has plenty of flowing lava rivers. Due to its treacherous nature, most inhabitants of Third Earth avoid it.

A long time ago, before the arrival of the ThunderCats or the Mutants on Third Earth, the Lunataks had arrived and Mumm-Ra managed to encase them in molten lava on DarkSide. Later, Mumm-Ra orders the Mutants to free the Lunataks so that they may join forces to fight the ThunderCats. The Lunataks then went on to construct their mobile fortress Sky-Tomb in DarkSide.

DarkSide is surrounded by the Thundrainium Pits and Fire Rock Mountain. This makes it nearly inaccessible to the ThunderCats due to the large amounts of Thundrainium around it.

It is only through a Bolkin that the ThunderCats learn of another way into DarkSide which is through the Forest of Mists. At the edge of the forest is a long canyon filled with sharp rocky projections. Only Lynx-O and his Braille Board allow the ThunderCats to be able to navigate safely through this treacherous route.

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