Denis Markell
Denis Markell.jpg
Role Writer
Country U.S.A.
Spouse Melissa Iwai
Children Jamie (son)
Other Works Silver Spoons, The Charmings
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Denis Markell is an American writer, composer and lyricist who wrote one episode of ThunderCats.

Markell's father was a television producer as well as a set designer in the early days of New York television. During the 1970's he met fellow writer Douglas Bernstein at a music camp in Raymond, Maine. He attended Amherst college where he, along with Bernstein, created a series of satirical revues. Among their performers was Prince Albert of Monaco.

In the 1980s, Markell came to New York and ended up at the BMI Workshop, a training ground for aspiring musical theater writers guided at that time by the legendary conductor Lehman Engel and later by such theater people as Maury Yeston and Alan Mencken. A year later, he started working for director Martin Charnin of "Annie" fame. He and Bernstein both contributed material to a revue, "Upstairs at O'Neal's."

During the mid 1980's, both Bernstein and Markell moved to California where they co-wrote episodes of ThunderCats as well as the popular animated series, "Silver Spoons".

He currently writes children’s book, the first one being "The Great Stroller Adventure" (Scholastic), which was illustrated by his wife Melissa Iwai. Due to the success of their second book together, "Hush" Little Monster" (Simon and Shuster, August 2012), Denis has plans to write more books about monsters.

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  • He regularly collaborated with Douglas Bernstein, whether it was writing TV episodes or writing revues.
  • Has a Shetland pony name Ronaldo.

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051. The Evil Harp of Charr-Nin

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