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Doji-Kage is a mechanical horse belonging to Hachiman. This steed is not only capable of running at a fast pace on the ground, but it is also able to fly. Since Hachiman does not own any vehicles or spaceships, the Doji-Kage is his only way of traveling across space.

When Hachiman had a nightmarish vision of Lion-O and Cheetara being devoured by the Double Headed Dragon of Doom, he quickly climbed on Doji-Kage and rode him from his home planet, Planet of the Red Sun to New Thundera to help his friends. Unfortunately, he was attacked along the way by Ma-Mutt who had changed into Ma-Bat. The evil creature tore apart Doji-Kage and shattered it into pieces.

In Japanese, "Doji" means "Mistake" and "Kage" means "Shadow". So Doji-Kage can literally be translated as "Shadow Mistake".

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Dōji Kage is a horse from "The Tale of Heike" a significant piece of Japanese literature.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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