User Two-Time
Features Interstellar travel, Camouflage, Gravity beams, Holographic Projector
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Dome-Down is the mighty spaceship of the evil robot Two-Time. The ship is massive in size and full of extraordinary features. The ship can fire powerful gravity beams which can capture smaller spaceships and draw them into Dome-Down. The ship also has high-tech camouflaging abilities, making it appear invisible to any other spaceships. The ship's powerful Holographic Projector can create vivid and realistic images of the environment and fool nearby ships into crashing.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of Dome-Down is its ability to lift entire land masses and carry them to a different location. The ship can carry thousands of times its own weight and thus Two-Time uses it to steal mountains, jungles and lakes and sell them to unscrupulous people who have destroyed their own natural resources by polluting them. Two-Time once even stole the entire New Cats Lair from New Thundera.

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