Double Headed Dragon of Doom
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The Double Headed Dragon of Doom" a.k.a The "Jade Dragon" was a tiny dragon statue with two heads. The statue was made out of jade and was in fact not of Thunderian origin.

A long time ago, a samurai was engaged to be married to a girl that he loved dearly. Unfortunately, the girl's father did not approve of this union and he put a curse on the tiny dragon statue in order to eliminate the samurai. The tiny dragon came to life and grew in size to gigantic proportions. It then devoured the samurai and shrank back to become a harmless tiny jade statue.

A young Jaga rescued the samurai from the belly of the Jade Dragon and kept the tiny statue in the casket holding the Treasure of Thundera to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. Many years later when the casket broke, the Jade Dragon was scattered along with the other pieces of the treasure on New Thundera. It was discovered by Lion-O and Cheetara with the help of Scooper.

Mumm-Ra, who knew about the statue, activated it to swallow both Lion-O and Cheetara. Luckily, Hachiman saved the two ThunderCats by slicing the Jade Dragon statue in two.

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