Dream Master
Dream Master - Title Card
Episode 1.56
Original Airdate 9 December, 1985
Writer(s) Heather M. Winters and Annabelle Gurwitch
Previous Episode Divide and Conquer
Next Episode Out of Sight
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Dream Master is an episode from the original series of ThunderCats. Written by Heather M. Winters and Annabelle Gurwitch, it originally aired on December 9, 1985.

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Mumm-Ra transforms into "Mumm-Ra the Drea Master" and summons spectral "Dream Selves" from the sleeping Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra, WilyKat and WilyKit. Thus, the Dream Master defeats the "Dream Self" of each ThunderCat in a nightmare-like battle of wills. He casts a spell, causing them to fall asleep during a real battle with the Mutants. They wreck the ThunderTank. Then Mumm-Ra traps their Dream Selves within golden urns. He plans to toss the urns into the Whirlpool of Infinity -- thus destroying the ThunderCats' real selves. But Snarf alerts Lion-O to the Sword's growl. Lion-O uses the Sword of Omens to locate Mumm-Ra the Dream Master, summon the other ThunderCats, and reunite them with their Dream Selves. Mumm-Ra's spell is broken.

ThunderCats Bullet Point Official MoralEdit

Mumm-Ra disguises himself as the Dream Master, who is able to invade the dreams of Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra, and the ThunderKittens. In their dreams Mumm-Ra exercises control over them, putting them in his power. Entranced by Mumm-Ra in this way, the ThunderCats' waking selves are unresponsive and ineffective fighting against the Mutants. Unaware of what has happened to them, they are listless and drained of energy and their normal powers. Lion-O, however, is warned by the Sword of Omens and finds out in time what Mumm-Ra's spell has done. As Mumm-Ra is about to drop urns containing the ThunderCats' dream selves into the Whirlpool of Infinity, Lion-O and the Sword rescue them. And when the Sword summons the ThunderCats, they wake from their sleep and are joined with their dream selves as unified once more. When we sleep we experience a different form of consciousness than when we are awake. During this state we are aware of images, memories, fantasies, and at times powerful emotions. Sometimes the dreams are pleasant and at other times they are troublesome, and often it is confusing knowing whether the dream images are real or not. Dreaming, however, should not disturb us because it is a normal state of affairs. Our "dream self" and waking self" are the same person in a different form of consciousness. It is easy to conduce what we dream with objective reality, especially when the dreams contain memories of what happened during the day. But the dream images are nothing to be afraid of, and we should evaluate them when we are awake according to what we know is real. In doing so, we will find that we have no reason to fear our dreams.

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