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Origin Third Earth
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Voiced by Matthew Mercer
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For the article about the 1980's version of this character, see Driller

The Driller is a robot who works for Grune, mining for Thundrillium.

A machine with no emotions or needs, the Driller is a slave of Grune, obeying his every command diligently and without question. Having Drills for hands and a giant singular Drill for legs, the Driller is an efficient excavating machine, able to bore through thick rock with relative ease.

Grune assigned the Driller to mine for Thundrillium in the Cloud Peak Mine as the element is vital to power all the equipments and weapons used by the Lizard Army.

When the ThunderCats entered the mine to obtain some Thundrillium for the ThunderTank, they encounter Grune and the Lizards Army. After dispatching much of the Lizards, the ThunderCats come face to face with Grune. Before Panthro can go a few rounds with his old friend turn foe, Grune calls forth the Driller and orders him to attack the ThunderCats while he makes his escape.

Despite his agility and strength, Lion-O is able to defeat the Driller using the Sword of Omens.

Strengths[edit | edit source]

The Driller's metallic exterior is extremely strong and he is also very agile and fast.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

The Drill bit on his head appears to be his weak spot. After Lion-O severs it with the Sword of Omens, the Driller stops functioning.

Weapons and Equipment[edit | edit source]

The Driller is armed with powerful Drill bits at the ends of his arms, one giant Drill for his legs and one on his head. He can use

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