The Duelist
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Origin Third Earth
Weapons & Accessories
Weapons Various Swords
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Voiced by Miguel Ferrer
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The Duelist is a master swordsman who lives in the Swordsmen's Town and duels other people for their swords which he carries proudly on his back.

Without morals or conscience, the thinly built Duelist is a legendary sword fighter. He is obsessed with collecting swords and challenges anyone with a sword to a duel in which the loser had to give up his sword. In this manner he has managed to amass an impressive collection of swords including the mighty Sword of Hattanzo.

Lion-O encounters the Duelist when he goes to the Swordsmen's Town for supplies. As his Thunderian currency is of no value anymore, Lion-O enters a sword contest and wins. The Duelist, upon seeing the Sword of Omens, challenges Lion-O to a duel. While the young lord initially declines, he later accepts the Duelist's challenge after the latter insults Claudus.

Overconfident in himself, Lion-O loses to the Duelist, who then takes the Sword of Omens with him as his prize. Later, after learning about the Duelist from the Drifter who really is Hattanzo, a master sword maker, Lion-O challenges the Duelist to a rematch. Fighting using a sword that Hattanzo made for him and following his advice, Lion-O wins the duel and all of the Duelist's swords.

Angered at his loss, the Duelist tries to stab Lion-O in the back but Hattanzo intervenes and defeats the Duelist using only a reed. Defeated and humiliated, the Duelist left town, never to be seen again while Hattanzo took all of his swords and set out to return them to their respective owners.

Strengths[edit | edit source]

The Duelist is a master swordsman and his skills with the blade are legendary. He is extremely fast and agile.

Weaknesses[edit | edit source]

His sword skills and many victories have made the Duelist very arrogant. He relies only on power and attack, ignoring defense and that is how Lion-O manages to beat him.

Weapons and Equipment[edit | edit source]

The Duelist is armed with a number of swords which he won in the many duels that he fought. One of them being the Sword of Hattanzo.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Dan Norton had this to say when describing the Duelist: "When I designed him. I wanted him to stand out amongst the people of the town so he's more official, almost military. I based him on the idea of a hybrid Lee Van Clef meets Vincent Price as a muppet. I figured he's more of a indigenous species of third earth."

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