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Eezuka is a massive flying, reptilian beast that resides in the Dreary Canal on New Thundera. Referred to as a "water serpent" by the ThunderCats, Eezuka has the scaly green body of a dragon and a humanoid face. It has a long tail and massive wings which enable it to fly. It also has smaller wings behind its ears.

Eezuka is not an aggressive or evil creature and prefers to spend its time in the waters of Dreary Canal. However, if for some reason it is unable to find water, Eezuka can quickly lose its temper and go on a rampage. The creature is capable of shooting extremely strong, web-like strings from its mouth.

When the harmonic convergence of the five Moons of Plun-Darr resulted in a massive drought on New Thundera, it caused all the water bodies on the planet to dry up completely, including the Dreary Canal. Maddened with thirst, Eezuka went on a rampage and started attacking the ThunderCats. Fortunately, Lion-O was able to use the Eye of Thundera to create rainfall and that placated the massive beast.

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