Egora Talisman
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The Egora Talisman is an ancient magical charm that makes whoever possesses it supremely self confident, to the point of being invincible. Every thousand years when the tip of Mumm-Ra's Black Pyramid aligns with the full moon, the Egora Talisman gains phenomenal powers. The talisman itself is contained within an ornately designed box.

Many centuries ago, Mumm-Ra used to own the Egora Talisman until he lost it. Centuries later, he summons Alluro to his pyramid and tells him about the talisman, assuring him that it will help him not only destroy the ThunderCats but also take over leadership of the Lunataks from Luna. Mumm-Ra then hands Alluro an ancient scroll which has a riddle that reveals the location of the talisman. The riddle reads:

"Through mountains high and valleys low
to find the Egora Talsiman you must go
Through stormy mist you take the ride
until you reach the unlit side."

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