Elephant Village
Elephant Village 2011.jpg
Location Third Earth
Inhabitants Elephants
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The Elephant Village is the home of the Elephants on Third Earth. This monastery-like village is located high in the mountains with a long, stone stairway leading to it. The houses are built of stones and have an ancient temple-like appearances and design. There is also an open area with a lotus pond where the Elephants meditate frequently.

The village is often raided by swarms of wasp-like insects called Wraiths who steal much of the Elephants harvest. The Elephants don't mind this as there usually is enough crop left behind to sustain them.

What the Elephants often forget is that the buzzing noise of the Wraiths keeps the destructive Stone Giant at bay. Unaware of this fact, Lion-O seals the Wraiths in their cave to stop them from stealing the Elephants' harvest. This immediately causes the Stone Giant to awaken and start devouring the Elephant Village. None of the ThunderCats' weapons have any effect on the giant which simply re-forms after every destructive blow. It is eventually the music played by WilyKit and the Elephants together that shatters the giant permanently.

The Elephant Village also has a hut which is actually the doorway to the mystical Astral Plane.

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