Enflamer's Volcano
Enflamer's Volcano.jpg
Location Third Earth
Inhabitants Enflamer, Firebats
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The Enflamer's Volcano is a massive volcano located on Third Earth. Many centuries ago, a Dwarf Star fell into its core. As a result the core is mixed with Star Fire and is extremely hot, hotter than any normal volcano's. The volcano serves as the home of the evil being known as the Enflamer. A cave on the side of the mountain leads straight into the Enflamer's cave. The inside of the volcano is full of treacherous caverns, lakes of fire, steaming waterfalls, and fiery creatures known as Firebats.

When the Sword of Omens broke in two after Mumm-Ra tricked Lion-O and Tygra into fighting each other thus unleashing the Curse of Balthaz, Jaga revealed that the only way to reforge the sword was in Star Fire, found the heart of the Enflamer's Volcano.

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